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50g Goat cheese served on herb baguet served on iceberg lettuce 79 Kč
60g Homemade paté poured by plum sauce, toast 59 Kč
Toast with meat and cheese 69 Kč
100g Pork cracklings spread with spring onions and toasted bread 30 Kč


0,33l Beef soup with liver rice and pancake 35 Kč
Other per daily order 30 Kč


150g Grilled fillet of sturgeon with white wine sauce, baked tomato and butter baguet  219 Kč
150g Grilled salmon on ratatouille with chips 189 Kč
150g Baked fillet of trout served on coloured lentils with saffron sauce 165 Kč

Main dish

200/300g Beefsteak served on mushroom ragout with homemade potato pancakes 360/490 Kč
100g True steak beef tartar served with toasts 179 Kč
150g Beef Sirloin with Cream Sauce, Cranberries and Bread Dumplings 129 Kč
200g Pork tenderloin on potato cake with creamy spinach and dried tomatoes 185 Kč
200g Confited pork cheeks with mustard sauce and mashed potatoes with peeled barley and roasted onion 169 Kč
600g Spare ribs marinated in spicy honey, mustard, onion, horseradish, bread 165 Kč
120g Smoked meat in potato pancake with sauerkraut 90 Kč
150g Three colour meat roasted with vegetable in red wine sauce, homemade potato pancakes 169 Kč
150g Turkey steak marinated in honey and lavender, served in creamy lemon sauce and semolina dumplings 159 Kč
150g Chicken breast filled with dried tomatoes and roquefort "Niva" served with mashed potatos and bacon 149 Kč
 150g Chicken breast in sezame with grilled vegetable and served with roated potato pankaces  149 Kč
 200g Saddle of rabbit stuffed with meat and herb, served with strong gravy and mushed potatoes 169 Kč

No meat meals

Pasta with mushroom ragout 99 Kč
Panecakes filled with creamy spinach, dried tomatoes and mozzarella lying on lettuce 75 Kč
Vetable risotto with olives, cream and Parmesan 79 Kč
150g Variation of fried Czech cheese with french fries and tatar sause 115 Kč

Children´s menu

80g Deep fried chicken steak with musched potatoes 80 Kč
150g Cottage cheese dumplings with chocolate and butter 59 Kč
Semolina pudding sprinkled with cocoa and sugar 55 Kč


100g Iceberg lettuce with chicken brest and Caesar dresing, Parmesan cheese 110 Kč
100g Iceberg lettuce with bacon and Caesar dresing, Parmesan cheese 115 Kč
250g Mixed salad with dill dressing and fillet from trout 99 Kč
200g Wild rocket with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and Mozzarella with balzamico 89 Kč
250g Mixed salad with grapes, walnuts and pieces of Niva cheese 89 Kč


Semolina dumpling with honey plums and poppy sauce 75 Kč
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 69 Kč
Panecake with homemade marmalade, icecreame, wipped cream covered by cooked apples 45 Kč
Fresh fruit with icecream and cream 50 Kč
Icecream Bee Mája 60 Kč
Homemade cake to be asked  

Extra side dish and sauces to choose

60g Tatar sauce 15 Kč
60g Garlic sause 15 Kč
60g Chilli sauce with garlic 25 Kč
250g Boiled potatoes 25 Kč
250g Fried potatoes 30 Kč
250g French fries 30 Kč
4 ks Raw potatoe pancakes 40 Kč
200g Homemade dumplings 30 Kč
1 Toast 8 Kč

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